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MCAT Verbal Question?


Porn Star
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Jul 7, 2001
Worcester, Massachusetts
    It's actually really nothing like SAT verbal. MCAT verbal requires you to read boring, dull, dry, poorly written passages very quickly and then answer 5-10 questions about them. There are no antonyms or anything like on the SAT (although I'm dating myself because I think I took the last SAT with antonyms). Bottom line: you can't study for it but you definitely want to prepare for it. Read, read, read. Read difficult text and then read simple text, but read the simple text QUICKLY! Skip unnecessary words (speed read, in a sense); just get the gist. Any other questions, feel free to PM me.



    Candy Man
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    15+ Year Member
    Jul 8, 2001
      I disagree, the MCAT Verbals passages are, generally, not dull/boring at all. Now, of course, what excites you is relative to your particular interests, but if you're open minded to reading new types of things, it's really not that bad at all. Basically MCAT Verbals are sections of Journal Articles, after which a series of questions are asked... it's much more difficult than the SAT or ACT, or even LSAT for that matter because the questions ask you to infer, and make deductions which are not blatently in the article. The hardest part is the time constraint.
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