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MCW vs. Einstein

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by mtritt2, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. mtritt2

    mtritt2 Member
    10+ Year Member

    Mar 12, 2001
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    So basically I would just like everyone's two cents on the differences between these two schools. What you think of them. I've been accepted to both and I'm trying to decide how important things like the look of the school should be to me. Anyway, just ramble about what you thought of the school.

  2. altaskier

    altaskier Altaholics Anonymous 92'
    7+ Year Member

    Nov 12, 2001
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    Well, I've been accepted to MCW and was waitlisted at Einstein, but I withdrew. I'd personally pick MCW, not because I got in or anything. For me, there are many reasons. First of all, I had a better experience at MCW. The atmosphere and the students seemed really happy and down to earth. I didn't like Einstein's location. MCW is more clincially oriented and Einstein is more research oriented (I thought). So if research is your cup of tea, go Einstein. In price, they are pretty much the same. The facilities at MCW are more up to date and state of the art. The only edge Einstein has over MCW is patient diversity, which I must admit is a big deal for me. But at MCW, you have all these different health care facilities right next door to the school. I think that I'd like living in a suburb, like the area MCW is in, over the city life of New York. But that is just me. I don't know about the grading system at Einstein, but MCW is honors/highpass/pass/etc. Hmm.....honestly I didn't get as good as a vibe from Einstein as I did from MCW. MCW is known for that fact that the faculty are super supportive of their students. I mean SUPER. They are known for that. I've heard that there are lots of opportunities avaliable for students at MCW to try different things in medicine, etc.

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