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    Is it common for interviewers in MD-only interviews to ask questions about the MD/PhD (ex: why do you want the dual degrees?)

    Also, assuming that one is a competitive applicant for MSTP, which would mean that he/she is VERY competitive for MD spots, is the MD-only interview perhaps a formality? Are MSTP-ers given any breaks? Or is a lack of commitment to medicine suspected, which would result in a harsher interview?


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    not at all. this depends on the individual completely i think. i've always thought that there are a couple types of md/phd candidates -- those with excellent research that would not necessarily get into the same caliber medschools if they were applying md-only, and those that have tons of ec's, research as well and are both competitive md and mstp candidates. they may both end up in the same place, and no one is the wiser - but if it came down to being accepted for only md, of course, only the latter would get it.

    perhaps at some schools that value research higher than all else, and have mstp committees that can wave you through the md. but on the other end, some schools require you to be accepted for both seperately (ucsf, harvard, baylor - i'm sure there are others).

    i don't think anyone is purposely goign to give you a hard time purely based on your md/phd aspirations - but i would take care to not sound too pompous or forceful about the issue (this is what people said last year at least).

    again, this are just my opinions, i haven't gone through anything yet so others that know better and have gone through the process - feel free to correct me.


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