MD/MBA for the ignorant

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Nov 10, 2005
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these might be faq's but that sticky didn't have any posts when i checked so i'm going to ask: how would someone get into a program like this? assuming that most premeds and med students are coming from say a science backround with little business it like a regular mba program where you need 2 years of working experience in a management position? - i mean what do u have to do to get into an md/mba program ... whether you go straight in from undergrad or during med school...what do they want you to have?


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Apr 7, 2003
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Schools that offer these programs have multiple requirements such as the student may only apply after the 1st med year, gmat, letters of recommendation, resume etc. Most MD/MBA programs do not require work experience and you can any background to do the MBA.

I went straight from undergrad into the MD/MBA program...u really have to look at the program of your choice and their requirements. Not all schools have the same requirements.