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resident goofball
Feb 14, 2020
  1. Medical Student
For those of you Pershing an MD/MBA, what are your career goals? How do you plan on using it and how have you seen others use it?

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Background: have an accounting degree and will be completing my MBA (mostly) before entering med school.

Career goals:
-Would like to move into hospital administration at some point. Doing clinical stuff would be great for the first few years, but I'd like to eventually put my business background to good use and go into a managerial role.
-Would like to not forget all of my accounting training. Use it to sniff out fraud and potential waste and streamline processes to make operations more efficient. Maybe contribute to better financial decision making and transparency.
-Serve as a bridge/mediator between hospital admin and doctors. Having worked as an ED scribe for a bit, can't tell you the number of times I've witnessed admin and docs clash over things.
-Maybe help better healthcare policy at a local, state, or national level. Same rationale as the user above; too many attorneys trying to create healthcare laws and not realizing business/medical/practical implications of said policies = a mess.

I actually haven't met anyone with an MD/MBA, but from what little I know, it's a rarer combination (the docs I've met are usually MD/MPH or MD/PhD) and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of job choices. I'd imagine an MD/MBA could jump into consulting or governmental work if they wanted to.
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Full Member
Feb 27, 2020
  1. Medical Student
The only MD / MBA I know is the CMO of a large outpatient multispeciality group. Not really sure what her job entails, but she was the head of our scribe program (she preferred to be hands on on her projects). During our meetings, she always talked about some new idea that she was pushing into clinic that would improve efficiency, billing, physician QoL, etc. and often quoted the success of other medical systems nationally for her rationale to try these programs within our own system.

Her last big idea that she was interested in was some form of AI program to help with charting.
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