Feb 18, 2013
So far I have a 3.94 GPA and I'm a double major in Applied Mathematics and Biological Engineering, but I guarantee my it will drop next fall when I take fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, complex analysis, physical chemistry, and neuroscience. I'm gauging my GPA to be around 3.88-3.9 after the fall and maybe around 3.85 when I graduate. If I can turn up the heat, I think I can maybe graduate closer to 3.88 or 3.9

I want to apply to an MD/PHD Program at Harvard or Stanford. I haven't received my MCAT scores yet, but I was pretty confident on it, and all the mock MCAT's/Practice tests I've taken before had me between 32 to 36, and I actually found this MCAT more facile than my old MCAT practices, I'm feeling around 33 to 35.

What are my chances at getting into HMS or SMS for an MD/PHD? I want to get a PhD in Medical Physics (So far my thesis for my senior project that I've been working on has to do with using principles of physics in diagnostic hardware. My applied math major is physics based, and I've taken about 12 hours of physics electives past calculus based physics I and II) and an MD specialization in Chemical Genetics. I want to be a geneticist and plot out mathematical algorithms to sequence pedigrees. I'm stronger in math/logic/computer science than I am at biology, but I've done well in genetics, evolution, a&p, etc. But, I've taken some classes like Chemistry I and II, Calculus III, and Physics II at a community college near the university where I'm now full time, which I'm scared will hurt me for Harvard or Stanford MD/PHD.

Here are some stats:

*White male
*Dad is a Pharmacist, mother is an English teacher, so our pooled family income is ~$130-145k
*Did research for a lot of psychology/neuroscience departments, but as a statistics slave, because I knew multivariate calculus based statistics. Didn't do much neuroscience or psychology
*Did actual research for bioengineering department
*Did some physics/materials science research (mostly programming, but I helped a lot in brainstorming, troubleshooting, and assisting)
*Have a LOR from a PhD Harvard graduate Physics professor, a Math PhD professor from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a PhD from University of Michigan Organic Chemist.
*In some research program at my school where we do mathematical modeling on biological systems, got a scholarship for it. One of 8 individuals. One of 2 math majors.
*Tutored math/chemistry/physics for 6 years so far in elementary, high school, and collegiate settings.
*Organizer of a program/tutoring alliance where we unite Muslims at mosques/Jews from synagogues/Christians from a Baptist church in town to sit together and share/learn science.
*Intern at Lockheed Martin for biomedical engineering (I helped program some of the machines for the HULC suit to help soldiers carry heavier loads without injury, shadowed some mechanical/biomedical engineers)
*Did research/interned at the electrical engineering department for medical nanotechnology hardware
*Worked as a pharmacy technician for 3 years.
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