Jul 1, 2015
Same essay as MD-only

Single, two-part essay:

1) Please do not repeat content from your personal statement in this essay. To the extent that there is overlap in the personal statement to what you want to write here, please choose a different approach to discussing the issue(s), such as influence on your values and beliefs, changes you made in your life, reflections that are from a different perspective. The committee utilizes this important information in the interview process.
Part A. The School of Medicine regards the diversity of an entering class as an important factor in serving the educational mission of the school. Please write about things in your background that have been important to your development or that have been challenging to you on your path to a career in medicine. These could include your socioeconomic status, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and work or life experiences. Explain how these have influenced your goals and preparation for a career in medicine.
Part B. Please write about the “fit” between your experiences and goals and the University of Colorado School of Medicine
Please answer both parts in this single essay. Limit the essay to 1500 characters, including spaces (approximately 300 words).

(Thanks, summerlands!)