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Medicinski Znanstvenik
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Aug 1, 2002
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Here's an intentionally open-ended question for MD students: how do you find/like/interact with any MD/PhD students in your class?
Are there any obvious differences, are they a part of the crowd?
Obviously, I know it depends on individuals, but I'm just interested in some thoughts and experiences out of curiosity.



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Aug 1, 2001
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in the first year at least most people probaly dont know who the mdphd students are unless they are friends with them


Dark Lord of the Sith
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Jun 5, 2001
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  1. Attending Physician
Well, as an MD/PhD student, I've found that people in my class took a while to find out. At my school, we are completely part of the class during the first two years. Eventually people do find out one way or another though. Not that it matters because I don't feel like I'm treated differently because of it. It will be weird, however, when we break off into the PhD while the others go on to their clinical rotations.


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Jan 21, 2002
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it depends on the school.
i know at mine, for example, the MD/PhD students do anatomy the summer before we even arrive.
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