MD vs DO vs Carribbean and other comparisons that mean sh!t in the real world

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I recently received a warning for a blatantly sarcastic post I made in this thread where the OP asked a serious question about whether or not DOs should be combined with Carribbean schools. Those who bothered to respond to my post seemed to pick up on this sarcasm. Nevertheless, I seem to have struck a nerve with a few people who were 'insulted'. What baffles me the most, however, is that those people were more insulted by my post than by the premise of that thread to begin with.

Seriously, nothing pisses me off more than Med students with an inferiority complex that feel the need to differentiate themselves from DOs, DDSs, ODs, Carribbean, etc. The fact of the matter is, if any of those degrees were useless, they wouldnt be around. But theyre not. Every professional is licensed to do things that people with other degrees are not properly trained for. Even within US MDs, there is a hierarchy of schools. Even in top ranked schools, there is a hierarchy of performance of students. There is truly nobody who is the 'best' at anything, so anyone with an ego complex needs to STFU.

Perhaps this is partcularly irking to me since I come from a culture where it is believed that having an MD inherently makes you better than someone else who doesnt have an MD. As it is, there are extremely intelligent people who arent MDs, either because they choose not to be or because they cannot get into an MD school for whatever reasons. They end up becoming great doctors who live fulfilling lives either way. Your main reasons for entering into healthcare should be because you enjoy it and find it fulfilling.

If you even have to ASK if one program is 'better' than another, then you should probably rethink your reasons for entering medical school in the first place. Anyone who enters medicine for the right reasons will make the most of their situations and do well, regardless of where they end up. Do what you want to do, not what will look better to other poeple.

*end of rant*


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LMAO!!! I just went and read the other thread and checked out your hottest transsexual ever link. :laugh: :laugh: I just wanted to say that I agree with you, especially the last paragraph.:thumbup:However, I am willing to bet money that this thread gets really ugly, really fast. :smuggrin:


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Just wanted to add that I had read your post previously and it was completely and totally obvious that you were being facetious. And I agree, all the talk of combining the two degrees kind of ticks me off. If I end up in a DO program, I will be proud of that. If I wasn't going to be proud of it, I wouldn't apply.
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*Sunny rolls up newspaper and pops Prazmatic on the nose, while LHAO at his/her post since she got the sarcasm in the last thread*


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Carribbean + DO = "COST"eopathic medicine... The irony! ;)


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Please don't open new threads about threads closed my moderators. If you don't agree with the decision of the moderator you should first PM that person and discuss it with him/her. Closing
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