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MDadmit is a highly-personalized, boutique medical admissions company run by Dr. Suzanne M. Miller, a Harvard MD, former Harvard pre-med tutor, practicing physician, current medical school faculty member, and best-selling author with over a decade of medical admissions experience.

Attending a post-baccalaureate program can be a great springboard to medical school admissions. With medical schools admissions getting more and more competitive, post-bac programs are getting more competitive as well. Some programs are even harder to get into than medical school.

MDadmit offers three types of services for post-baccalaureate applicants:

1. Admissions Consulting/Strategy Sessions
2. Essay Editing
3. Interview Preparation

Dr. Miller offers one-on-one strategy sessions tailored to your specific needs, including:

Application Analysis
Thorough analysis of your resume and transcripts focusing on strengths and weaknesses, application narrative, and how to maximize admission chances.
Recommendation Selection
Assist with all aspects of obtaining post-baccalaureate recommendations including who, how, and when to ask.
Where to Apply
Create comprehensive list of school suggestions based on the strength of your application, learning style, long-term goals, and location desire.
Post-Interview & Waitlist Strategy
Develop a formal post-interview strategy including thank you notes, letter of intent, and strategic updates.
Final Decision
Help you choose a post-baccalaureate program based on your desired location, curriculum, student body, finances, and long-term goals.

The post-baccalaureate admissions process involves a tremendous amount of writing. Dr. Miller, a published author who has spent the last decade reading and improving hundreds of medical school essays, edits every essay. Unlike other editing services that simply provide general comments, MDadmit provides comprehensive edits and works closely with you to improve your writing skills. MDadmit editing includes:

Post-Baccalaureate Personal Statement

The post-bac personal statement is your time to shine. Most post-bac programs require a personal statement ranging from 500-1000 words. Though the exact essay question varies by school, most applications ask about your reasons for pursuing a career in medicine. In fact, the essay you write for post-baccalaureate schools will be quite similar to the personal statement you write for medical school admissions. Creating a compelling, creative, and honest post-bac personal statement is not an easy task. Dr. Miller helps turn your personal story into a unique and persuasive statement.
Most post-baccalaureate programs request a resume if some form. Even stellar experiences can be lost in a poorly written or formatted resume. MDadmit helps you choose what activities to include and thoroughly edits the resume for content, grammar, and format.
Recommendation Letters
Many recommenders request post-bac applicants draft the first version of their recommendation letters themselves. This can be a daunting task. MDadmit helps you balance creating a compelling recommendation without sounding arrogant.
Letter of Intent/Update Letters
A comprehensive post-interview strategy, including update letters and a letter of intent, often means the difference between acceptance and rejection. Dr. Miller edits all communications with schools – including thank you notes, update letters, and your letter of intent.

Dr. Miller provides one-on-one post-baccalaureate mock interviews with verbal and written feedback. Dr. Miller knows what post-bac interview questions admissions committees are likely to ask and how to provide the best responses. MDadmit post-bac interview preparation also involves advice on appropriate interview attire, body posture, and etiquette.

To contact Dr. Miller and sign up for MDadmit services, visit the MDadmit website.
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