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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by LEAP5, May 1, 2007.

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    I'm very intrested in a future career in medicine that lets me treat all types of conditions and diseases. Recently I came to find a combined residency called med-peds. In this residency which usually takes only 4 years to finish, you end up with dual training as a Pediatrician and a Internal Medicine practitioner. How good is this program and if it something that will definatly not be a waste of time considered to family medicine which only takes 3 years to finish.
    Please do help, plus i was also wondering if u can actually practice two specialties at the same time in the same office or hospital.
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    Well, there is no such doctor, really. The US medical system has evolved to favor specialists; the good ol' doc of the 50's, the generalist, doesn't exist any more. Modern medicine is way too complex for that.

    However, if you are interested in treating and managing the healthcare of a diverse population and age groups, want significant continuity of care, want more rigorous training in in-patient care, and the flexibility to work as a hospitalist as well as a family doctor (sans OB, of course), then med-peds is a good residency. I've heard that it is pretty tough residency, and you have to maintain two board certifications, but I think it fits what I want very well. I'm considering this type of residency heavily, too, for the reasons I cited above. I'm not interested in OB, so it wouldn't be a loss for me at all, and the extra focus on in-patient care would be awesome. Also, there is greater opportunity to sub-specialize through fellowships, if you should desire to do so.

    The standard 3-yr FM residency is more focused on outpatient care and contains OB and more psych. It's good if you want to focus on the continuing outpatient medical management of a diverse population and across age groups. You have limited ability to sub-specialize, as there aren't that many fellowships available for FM.
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    This is a very nice summary, and 100% accurate based on my experiences.
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    I have a cousin who did med-peds. He wasn't really sure which he wanted, so he just did both. Then he decided he liked peds better and did a fellowship in ped GI.

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