Med school interviews while abroad?

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May 2, 2012
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So I am probably asking a question that is answered elsewhere but I can't find it. I am planning on spending a year in the UK starting at the end of the summer (Sept?) but am submitting my application on June 5th. Are there opportunities to do Skype style interviews or am I basically going to have to fly back to the states and try to squeeze them into a short period of time? Is there any chance interviews will start before I go?

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Aug 29, 2006
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If you have high stats and your entire primary & secondaries & LORs are complete ASAP, there's a chance you'll get some in the summer. But most interviews are in the fall, and they extend all the way through April at some schools. Almost no schools offer skype interviews (I think Duke might?). You will have to fly back.

When I got my first interview, I emailed my other schools to let them know I'd be in the states, and managed to get 4 total for that trip. I got another surprise interview in late January and scheduled it for early March, and got one more. So I flew home twice, for 6 interviews in total. I only flew home the second time because my top choice school gave me an interview; otherwise, I wouldn't have because I was already accepted to other places.


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May 22, 2008
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I did a Skype interview with an applicant that was in South Africa for the year. I have no idea how common that is, but I imagine not very. You can ask, but my guess is that you should try and cluster all of your interviews together such that you can knock them out in a single long trip back.

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