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    What are some schools have people applied to this year? Which schools are at the top of the list? How does Emory?s curriculum fare? Being in Atlanta sounds great. I am originally from Florida so Emory is on my list. It would be great to be closer to friends and family?and keep warm!

    Emory University School of Medicine
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Email [email protected]
    Tuition: $25,770

    Mean undergraduate GPA 3.69 MCAT Scores VR 9.8 PS 10.6 WS P BS 10.5
    Applicants: 7,420 Total; 676 In State; 6,744 Out-of-State
    Interviewed: 766 Total; 184In State; 582 Out-of-State
    Entering Class: 111 Total; 44 In State; 67 Out-of-State
    (Source: AAMC Data Warehouse 1998-199 class)

    AMCAS application deadline 10/1

    Curriculum: Basic health sciences during the first two years with multimedia teaching aids. Recent curriculum changes include an increase in problem-based learning with an introduction to patients in the first year. Courses in neurobiology, molecular and human genetics, medical problem solving, patient-doctor, and human values in medicine are available for M1 students. Second year students complete their basic science background and may take classes in pathology, pathophysiology and clinical methods which "extend broadly into the various clinical fields? Third and fourth years are devoted to clinical clerkships in all major areas including primary care.

    MD/PhD and 5 year MD/MPH programs are available

    (Source: AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements, U.S. and Canada 2000-2001

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    Class of '05 at ????
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    Thanks, Tanya. Emory is on my list, too. They have that panel interview, anyone know much about that?
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    Group interview sounds like an interesting set up. Does it create a competitive atmosphere?

    Some Emory Links:

    Emory?s Dept. of Medicine ( has ties to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center

    Center for Molecular Medicine

    School of Public Health

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