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Jun 20, 2002
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i was wondering if you knew if med schools favored their undergrad? i know that public schools always favor in-state students, and some private schools even favor students in their state? if there are any schools that do favor their undergraduate schools which schools are those? thanks


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May 5, 2002
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I know that Tufts does accept a fair amount from their undergrad. I am not sure of the exact number, it is at their website, I think it is like 20-30 (Their class is like 180).


i know that hopkins definately doesn't favor their undergrads (they say so when you visit for colleges - and they demonstrate it as well), i know my school doesn't particularly favor their undergrads due to the early admission program (aleady enough undergrads guarenteed to be in the class). harvard of course favors their undergrad - as does washU if you keep a 3.5 and above (60-85% admit rate) and a comparable mcat. i think wherever medschools have a strong faith in their attached undergrad education - and their isn't a great disparity in reputation, then the will be favored slightly. thats no guarentee regardless.
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Jul 12, 2002
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Well i think this year's entering class at Hopkins med had Harvard as the #1 rep and Hopkins as #2 (dont quote me on that though)

I didnt go to Hopkins for undergrad, but my guess is that there are quite a bit of competitive premeds here and therefore they tend to do well here not because they are from Hopkins, but because they would have done just as well if they had gone to other schools. So I dont think Hopkins Med cares one way or the other which school you came from. There seem to be a fair amount of people from small colleges that many people have never heard of.

Going to a particular med school's undergrad might help you if you get to know faculty associated with the med school, but I dont think many schools will give you an outright "plus" in admissions JUST because you went to their undergrad.


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Dec 13, 2001
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Now here's a toughie. At University of Michigan, they have to favor in-state students, and we're lucky in Michigan to have a state school be in the top ten, thus, the vast majority of Michigan pre-med undergrads apply to Michigan med school - it's a great bargain. The class ends up having something like 30% or so of the class from the undergrad school, but I don't think it's a result of "favoring" their own undergrads. I think it's a consequence of them being required to have at least 50% in-state. The best school in the state of MI is the University of Michigan, so lots of good students will come from here, as in, more than half of the in-state students. I think if you look straight up at numbers, however, lots of Michigan undergrads who apply to med school here don't get in, and as a result, end up feeling pretty slighted by their alma mater. So it's a tough call here in Ann Arbor, do they favor their own undergrads? It looks like they do, but in reality, I don't think so at all.
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