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Jul 22, 2002
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I'm in the process of applying to med school and I'm looking at Ohio State, Medical College of Wisconsin, also University of Vermont. Can anyone tell me about these schools? Student life, what it is like there, good or bad experiences. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!


PR actually puts out a book called "The best medical schools" or something along those lines. Anyway inside they give you information about each school. Such as student life, tuition, and a little bit of school history.

What I found really useful was that they detail each schools admissions process. For instance under U of Kansas they tell you that all Kansas residents receive secondaries, and very few out of staters do. The interviews are usually held Nov through Feb. And other info like MCAT consideration, rolling admissions policy, etc.


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Jul 22, 2002
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But beware of that PR book - I've found the descriptions nice but the stats aren't always accurate (as compared to what the schools themselve say on their websites). I've found USNews to be more accurate and useful since I can compute my own in-state/out-of-state admissions percentage (which the PR book doesn't always report).
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