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Jan 8, 2002
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Did anyone else here get a phone call from MCW regarding the secondary application? When I got home tonight there was a message asking me to call them back about the secondary. Is it so they can give me instructions to fill it out? I found it weird that they would call me about something like this. Anyone else get the call?


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Dec 26, 2001
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I got the same phone call today. The jist of the conversation was that a secondary application is coming to you soon and the web-site password (or website) in the online secondary application code for you is incorrect. The computer program that generated the login code screwed it up. So, they will be sending out an additional letter in two days to correct the error.

Good Luck

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Jan 10, 2002
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I talked to MCW yesterday and the lady told me that they've been having difficulty with the on-line submission of the app. Just an FYI. She said that they know about it and are fixing the problem. I was actually able to submit yesterday, so perhaps they fixed it already.
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