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Aug 5, 2000
newdelhi, india
    I'm a student of a medical college in india and i wanted to tackle a few problems that i know as a fact , we suffer from because of the system here. I would appreciate input from other students studying in india.

    One of the worst problems i think is that of "reservation" for the SC/ST/OBCs.
    I can't figure out why persons of so called lower classes,( i say "so called" because all the persons i know belonging to these categories are well off financially)...should get an advantage over the general category..when they quite obviously do not require it. And why should anyone want to put incapable students..who cannot prove their mettle against the "general" doctors..who will have peoples lives in their hands. Students who get in only because of reservation and not because they have any interest in the subject or any will to work for it..will ultimately be bad docs.
    I know that this is not the case always...and that reservation may be useful for some persons..but i've seen so many well off students who have taken undue advantage of their "caste" that it really pisses me off.

    Thankfully reservation has been removed for PG courses..which means only capable students will become PGs.

    I wish only to start a debate here..and hope that this post does not hurt anyone's feelings.
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