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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by mikramjafri, Oct 11, 2002.

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    Well here goes,
    i have been seeing alot of your discussions,so now i need some guidance from you all.
    I recently made a decision to goto the Dominican Republic for the 4 year MD program at a school called UTESA. This school and another Windstor were the only ones taking me after highschool in an year of premed and then MD programs.
    My plan would be gotto UTESA(dominican Republic) if its good i will stay and try to transfer to USA after my part1. If not transfer to windstor,I would also think of UNIBE(iberoamerican university) which i have heard alot about.Wonder why i havent heard too much about UTESA(the college i am going to). The reason for this is that windstor has affiliated US hospitals.What do you guys think is there an alternative?
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    Sep 27, 2002
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    While UNIBE and Windsor have not been considered for approval by the California Medical Board, UTESA has been considered and disapproved. While this really only has a binding effect if you want to practice in California, the whole California approval process is one of the few ways we have of determining the relative quality of an offshore school.

    Why don't you do your pre-med at a domestic school and then consider going to mdical school in the Caribbean. If you really want to go to the DR there are six schools there that are approved by California. If going to the DR isn't important and you must do pre-med offshore, consider MUA. They are a new school but appear to be building a pretty good track record, though they aren't approved by California yet either.:)
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    Feb 5, 2000
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    There have been very extensive and very informative threads here in the past on the topic of DR med schools. You should search the International Forums with the SDN search function to turn them up. "Dominican Republic"; and "UNIBE"; these should turn up the pertinent threads.

    Advise given you from here on is much dependent upon where you intend to practice medicine. If the US, you would do well to consider doctamon's advice, and see if four years in a US college is not so bad when put up against the 2 years in UTESA's pre-med. (And the California matter is a good point he brings up too, but only UNIBE and UTESA offer English programs--but you will NEED Spanish to do well in their clinical portions--neither which have CA approval). If Pakistan, perhaps a US college for four years might be superfluous. But, if Pakistan, is there some way you could improve your chances to enter Dow, or the like? You might consider the two year medical school preparation program at Intercollege in Cyprus, which is accredited by a US University (in Indiana, I forget which one). Their web-site is . Perhaps you could go there, and then re-apply to your home schools, and if even that fails, your two years at InterCollege would mean you skip two years at UTESA, or Windsor, or most anywhere else for that matter.

    And on the transfer for US clinicals matter...simply put, DO NOT make plans dependent upon it. If your plan does not work without the transfer, consider a route that negates the need for it.

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