Medical Equipment - which names do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by PB, Dec 17, 2000.

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    Hi, I have to buy medical equipment, such as a diagnostic kit, stethoscope, etc. Do you have any recommendations about good names? Is Littman better than Sprague? I want something that will be useful for me in medical school and be of good quality also. I have heard of some people in my class having their equipment break early. Any recommendations or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Most physicians and med students I know use a Littmann. I've heard of the pros and cons to a Sprague, but they're kinda expensive compared to some Littmann models. Practically everyone in my class has a Cardiology III only because we were told to buy those by the clinical medicine people.

    Welch-Allyn is a name that people throw around for diag kits, but I'd suggest buying the cheapest one if you have to at all. They may break quicker, but hey, you're not gonna need them beyond your physical diagnosis classes anyway. [​IMG]

    Why pay double the price for something that won't break as quickly, but won't be of any use to you past MS2?

    Tim of New York City.
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    Well, I'm not in med school yet, but my mother had to buy this stuff, too. She originally bought a Sprague scope. She wasn't happy with it at all, so she bought a Littman. She liked that one MUCH better [​IMG] Hope this helps.
  5. Hi...

    For 'scopes I'd also recommend the Littman. Loads of different models available (I have Cardio II; III wasn't out yet when I purchased mine), easy to get parts and repair. I'd suggest trying some out - take a friend along to a local med bookstore or supplier (if you have one), as you may find that the ear pieces in a HP fit better than the Littman or Sprague, or that its heavier, or that you can hear better, etc. There are differences between brands and you might find one is better than the other for you.

    Do you *really* need a dignostic kit? I mean most schools recommend you buy them but then have them available on all wards and clinics, and you can go and practice anytime you want (not the same for scopes). If so, I would suggest the Welch-Allyn; the prices are more reasonable than the Heine and parts are easier to get in the US. You can also find used ones on Ebay and other sites (I just sold mine), so consider that as a resource, especially if you're worried about it breaking and having to replace it in a few years.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just got my Welch Allyn diagnostic kit - one thing to consider with welch-Allyn is that anything that breaks during your medical school years is covered under warranty (including bulbs). My school worked out a deal that includes residency years as well.

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