Specialist Doctors
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Feb 7, 2005
I wish to offer collection of various useful Medical forms
to be downloaded.

If you had gone through trouble for finding any form
you know its importance. Save the next person from
going to site after site looking for what you have got.

Tell me resources to obtain useful Medical Forms and send me
what you have in your computers.

Send mail to : specialistdoctors AT gmail DOT com


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May 8, 2004
I checked the site out. IMHO, the concept seems strongly "industry" biased at this time, rather than "doctor interest" leaning. Don't mean to knock it off altogether, after all anyone could use a freebie form or whatever trinket here and there, maybe, although there's better ways and places to get this at this time in a more efficient manner, without being bombarded with more ads. But no one needs more bombardment from Pharma advertisers, or substandard quality unfiltered and often useless/meningless "medical news". You can get that kind of stuff, plus CME's at this time, in a more polished way, maybe, at Medscape.