May 27, 2011
I have to take medical leave due to physical conditions and have to focus on recovery currently. I am a second year. After recovery I will be rejoining the next class of 2017 (I was 2016 second year OMS-II) and will has to finish up the courses of the fall semester with them I have yet to complete, and then go onto spring term to have my final last term before boards,

Any advice on what to do (I have come up with a good plan but I value SDN's input) during my time away after I have recovered and have time to focus on getting back to activities and content review. I did spend a year in school with this condition so I know content review will be big. Also, like I will have a double board prep in a sense (not really since spending a year with this condition during med school in pain and surgeries but persevering was at least an accomplishment, i feel). Please let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions. Thank you. I would like to return as prepped as possible but would like to make the best out of this recovery as possible as well, but also I need to get volunteering in and experience (which I am lacking due to the condition during school) and I must do well on both USMLEs and COMLEX which after a year with this condition will be tough but not I may have the time to turn that around. Let me know your thoughts. First thing is first...getting better, and this is chronic, so management as well. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you,

Jul 25, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
It's going to be hard to study if you have brain fog. Concentrate on getting better first. Read something if you want to keep your memory fresh. Keep your volunteering and such to the required minimum. You already have 1st year under your belt, and you'll have plenty of time for board prep. Best of luck on your recovery!