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Feb 6, 2008
Do you have to give your letter of recommendations with your AMCAS app, secondary application, or when they invite you for interviews?

Also, I was wondering if this timeline is along the lines of how med school app works if you submit the first day you can submit your app.

Can work on AMCAS app- ~ 5/1
Submit AMCAS app— ~ 6/1
AAMC checks your transcript and you are notified by AAMC that you can submit to the med schools — ~~6/14-6/30
You submit your AMCAS app. to the med schools and you will receive secondaries from most med schools automatically after submitting ~~6/14-6/30


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Jul 6, 2006
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You should have your LORs uploaded as soon as possible, as you will not be considered 'complete' at most schools until they have those letters in hand. So while you don't need them to submit the primary, you should have them in ASAP.

5/1 - work on AMCAS
6/2-3 - Submit AMCAS, including listing at least one school you wish to apply to (you can add more schools later, but cannot take them off. You must submit to at least one school to submit your application). You get put in line to be verified. On the first day, many people are verified in a matter of hours, other are at a couple days. If you submit a week or so after submission, it could take a week or two, and if you submit in August, you'll be waiting the full 4-6 weeks for verification. It not only depends on when you submit your application, but how complicated your application is... if you've attended one school, it's pretty straight forward. If you've attended several, it takes longer.
6/22ish - AMCAS sends all verified applications to schools.
July-August - Schools send out secondaries.
August - February/March - Schools invite for interviews (some invite as early as the middle of July).
September - March/April - Interviews