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Medical School application reform! Video chat interviews.


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Apr 2, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
    Don't you guys think that a video chat interview would accomplish the same thing as a real life interview EXCEPT that the applicant wouldn't be forced to go to the campus and take a tour? Why not have a video chat interview and then only force accepted applicants to take a tour? That would save thousands of dollars per student, and it would save the school the trouble of giving guided tours to students who won't be accepted anyway.

    If I directed a medical school, I would allow video chat interviews as long as they sign a contract stating that if accepted, the student will take a tour of the university. I'm guessing medical schools are afraid of accepting students who aren't serious about going there, so the contract would serve to weed out those students just like a traditional interview does.

    Students who cannot oblige by the contract without an exceptional reason would be rescinded of course. Even those who had an exceptional reason would be required to come for a visit before matriculating.


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  • Sep 30, 2008
    1. Attending Physician
      While your idea isn't without problems (for example, you'll often be asked in your interview "how your day has been so far," etc, what you like about the school, things like that that will be hard to glean just by looking at the school's website), in theory it makes some sense. But in reality, not every applicant can really be expected to own a webcamera yet, and you really couldn't expect that unless all of the schools got together and agreed to do this webcamera version, which would seem unlikely as there's always gonna be some old fogies who feel strongly about real face-to-face interactions.

      So it's not a bad idea, just one I doubt will come to fruition any time soon.
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