Medical School Books and USMLE Review Texts

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Mar 29, 2008
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Medical School Texts for Sale

An introduction to cardiovascular physiology 2nd addition. Excellent condition.
Histology: a text and atlas. Fair condition.
Contemporary diagnosis and management of the patient with
schizophrenia. Excellent condition.
Obstetrics and Gynecology blueprints step 2 Q&A 2nd edition. Most
current edition in great condition.
Blueprints in neurology for USMLE steps 2&3. In great condition.
First Aid for the wards. 2nd condition in great condition.
Immunobiology 5th edition. In excellent condition.
Blueprints pediatrics. 3rd edition. In good condition.
Iserson's Getting into a residency 6th edition. In excellent condition.
Essentials of General surgery 5th edition. In outstanding condition.
Most currently edition.
Step 2 underground: surgery. In excellent condition.
First aids for step 1, step 2 CS, CK, match.
Kaplan course note, complete series for step 1 (2004), step 2 (2004)
in fair condition
Crush step 2. In great condition.
Rx facts brand/generic quick check. In outstanding condition
Renal Physiology 3rd edition. In great condition.
Langman's Medical Embryology, 8th edition. In outstanding condition
Katzung and Trevor's Pharmacology 6th edition. In great condition.
Underground clinical vignettes. In great condition
Ob/Gyn Recall. In great condition
On call; Ob/gyn 2nd edition. In outstanding condition
Ob/Gyn and infertility (Red Book) in outstanding condition
Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary in outstanding condition

Let me know what you're interested in - name your own price
(reasonable of course :) and we'll work something out! Although some may not be the current edition, still very up to par since publishers rarely
change new additions that drastically from old ones.