Medical school chances when transferring universities but did bad on 1st school

May 30, 2012
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
My plan before starting college was originally to do pre-med and go into medicine by being a biology major (what i was always excited to learn about in high school and was formerly a straight A student). Unfortunately I doubted my ability after hearing about all the competition of medical schools and switched into biomedical engineering to be an engineer but still have a backbone of pre-med just in case. It was a little too late till I realized engineering was not for me and it really affected my gpa, the stress from a low gpa affected my performance even in science classes which I usually love.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to transfer out of that college and go to a new university to major in once again, biology, where my parents live so I can concentrate on school and not have to work. I know my gpa from my old school will still follow me, but say if I do better in this new school, is there a chance for me to ever become a doctor? If not, I had also though about becoming a physicians assistant.