Medical School in Europe for US Citizens

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May 31, 2017
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I am a pre-med student in the United States and I am very interested in the prospect of going to medical school in Europe, especially France. I am from the US and I just completed my first year of university in the US. My grades are where they should be and I'm not worried about the difficulty of getting into US medical schools, but I have been hearing a lot about students going to Europe for medical school. This interests me as I want to eventually move to Europe and would not mind not being able to practice in the US. I ideally would like to work for Doctors Without Borders (médecins sans frontières) or the Red Cross as a surgeon. I hear that it is much cheaper to study medicine in Europe and it takes about the same time. Does this seem like a good idea? I know that the first year of medical school and the process of getting in is extremely rigorous at least in France, but I'm still not sure how the entire application process would work for someone like me. Could you guys help or suggest someone/something that would advise me through this process?

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