Medical school prerequisites

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Jan 8, 2012
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Hi, I'm new to this, so I may not be posting this question in the right format or the right

category in the forum. If so, sorry for the inconveniences.

I am planning to apply to Canadian med schools in Ontario and Californian med schools.

Is it necessary to take 1 year of calculus? I know that some school require you to and

some schools do not. Can someone be nice enough to post which schools in Ontario and

California that does not require 1 year of calculus. By the way I am attending University of

Western Ontario for undergrad.

Also, I am getting a U.S permanent residence status. Does that help at all for U.S med

schools even though I am completing my undergrad in Canada?

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Jun 11, 2011
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USA permanent residence status will be a good thing if you are applying to USA medical schools.

As for what are the prereqs for the various schools - you have two options:
1) purchase the MSAR from AMCAS which has that information plus a whole lot more
2) scour the individual schools websites for the info, it should be pretty easy to find.

Good luck!