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Medical school with kids


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Jul 18, 2018
    I will love to have some feedback from someone who went to med school specifically to Ross or AUA and moved abroad with kids. I did my research on terms of private schools but I'm more incline to have a full time nanny to supervise homeschooling. Anyone with experience is appreciate.
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  • Nov 26, 2019
    1. Medical Student
      I had a friend that brought her kid to Ross. Brought her grandparents to take care of him but it was hard for her and them. They AirBnB'ed their place with a exemption from school but Covid was a Godsend for them since she could move back home until her last pre-clinical semester.

      I knew some other people that brought their kids but had their spouses there too and they were all under the age of 5. Honestly, you don't want to make your kids go to a school in the carib if they're of that age and I'd prioritize them over going.

      Carib schools aren't forgiving, they don't care if you have kids. You're gunna be busy for longer than their school day so that nanny will be the only option.
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      Jun 22, 2012
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        I went to SGU and I don't have kids but I noticed a lot of the teachers who lived on the island had their children doing what you mentioned. They go to school but had nannies who did a mix of home schooling as well. Definitely doable but will be $$$.
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        Jul 15, 2020
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          Homeschooling vs public school?

          My son is 5 now, starting "maternelle" programm in Canada, grade 1 next year. We are polyglots at home (English, French, German and Portuguese, common language is French) . My husband is a SAHD with no educational background (graphic designer). Montessori is an awesome option, but 1000$/month is not easy on our very limited budget. How about public schools ?

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          Aug 30, 2009
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            I went to Ross as a single mom. My older children contributed immensely and I am very grateful for that.

            Ross’ on campus daycare and day school were both excellent. They also provided basic medical care for my children.

            I am in an IM residency currently. It’s been a rough journey, but that’s probably true for everyone.

            To be honest, it’s a ludicrous idea but you are already considering it. I’m just verifying that yes- it has been done.
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