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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by TheSpleen, May 19, 2002.

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    Recently I have been looking into foreign medical schools primarily located in the Caribbean which have affiliations with US hospitals that would allow the students to finish the clinical rotations in US hospitals. My concern is this is a foreign medical school education comparable to the education that you would receive in the united states. Will your career be limited? Would you receive the same quality of education as you would here in the united states. Is it easier to find a match for your residency?
    And has anyone heard of The Medical University of the Americas located on Nevis.
    You can reply to this post or email me at [email protected] Thanks for all your help
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    I don't have much insight into Caribbean schools, but I do know that in order to practice in the US, you have to take some exams that supposedly aren't easy to pass (sorry, I don't know the particulars). I also know that you'd have a much easier time matching if you opted to get a medical education in the US. US hospitals will usually choose their own first, and then choose foreign medical graduates to fill up any openings that remain. If you posted this in the international medicine forum, I'm sure you'd get more responses. :)
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    although it is too late to apply to them for this coming falls marticulation, the two best Caribbean schools that fully do their rotations at US schools are ROSS UNIVERSITY and St. GEORGE'S. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise..believe, I've been where you at and I have do a SH$#load of research. In fact, a Ross student had the highest board schore (USMLE SCORE) than any other US med student. However, you have to realize that attaining a good residency and stuff will be harder. It's only because you have to prove yourself because you are a "foreign grad". Yes, its BS and hopefully it'll change, but its unfortunately still there. Both of these schools have been around for the longest times and are a great alternative to waiting a year (or if you are older) waiting more years.

    Hope that helps.

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