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Medical schools that cater to students with families


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May 27, 2004
    I've found UCSF to be very family-friendly as far as medical schools go. They have family housing very close to the main campus (1 & 2 bedroom apts) and I know a number of students/partners of students who have either given birth or adopted children during med school. Some of the students took time off - some didn't. The program is only 4 years, but there seems to be some flexibility with scheduling, so that some students actually take 5 years to graduate. Also, the family housing at UCSF is available to same-sex domestic partners.


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    Dec 11, 2003
      We specifically looked for a family friendly school----from the list of schools we applied to we found that University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh and The University of Pennsylvania really impressed us.

      High Points
      Michigan- Incredible family housing & support, large non-traditional student body
      Pittsburgh-terrific dependent health care coverage, affordable neighborhood housing, large non-traditional student body
      U of Penn-personal attention to specific needs, flexibility in curriculum, faculty and financial aid office very supportive of non traditionals
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