Medical Student - How to do Residency in US?


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Jul 18, 2000
    No to do USMLE you do not need GRE, but what I am thinking is I get into non-medical field ie Reasearch field, by writing GRE ( Otherwise you dont get Visa, if you want to come direclty to do Residency) come to US and while doing my Research I am thinking of taking USMLE? Is this allowed? Please give me some direction? I have no clue as to how to go about it?


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    Sep 2, 1999
    Detroit, MI, USA
      Most people just get their ECFMG cetificate and apply for residencies. The GRE / research is nice but takes time and effort and how will it help you get a residency? No matter what visa you get for your research it doesn't transfer over to residency. You'll need J-1 or H1-B and the fact that you are or not doing research will not help or hurt you in any when when applying for these visas. If you're from india a big percentage of your med school class are probably on their way here, I don't think too many of them are taking the GRE as some sort of prerequisite for residency search
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