medical student with ocular myasthenia thinking about specialities

Sep 1, 2017
Medical Student
I happen to have ocular myasthenia. I was diagnosed around two and a half years ago. Now I dont have have double vision any more, though I sometimes experience unilateral ptosis after long hours of studying or looking at my laptop screen. I really wanted to go into diagnostic radiology as I love studying images and want to do procedures. But I feel that my medical condition wouldn't allow me to look at images all day, and being an img its nearly impossible to match in integrated IR. @Rads312 i am tagging you since you're fairly active on sdn. Also i m not a big patient interaction fan so primary care specialties are out of option too. What specialty do you people think suits me?
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Apr 23, 2016
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I definitely think that radiology would not be a great option for you given your condition - Why go into a specialty that will not only be difficult to learn, but also potentially irritate your condition? All we literally do is stare at a bright screen in a dim room for 8+ hours a day. Even integrated IR requires at least 3-4 years of pure diagnostic radiology training.

If you're not interested in primary care, I would consider doing PM/R or Anesthesiology and then maybe a pain fellowship afterwards - You will get to do fun procedures and will likely only have to stare at a screen for when you flouro or write notes. Other primary care based fields like Pulmonology, Critical Care, even interventional nephrology or cardiology come to mind as fields that don't require you to stare at a screen for too much. let me know if you've got any questions.
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