Peace Sells...but who's buying?
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Aug 3, 2007
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$500 today could easily turn into $100 a year from now, but like the article said this disincentivizes other companies to innovate new tests and make breakthroughs if they keep getting lowballed. A reasonable price for an effective test that has proven utility and health care benefits to the pt. is the ideal without the pendulum swinging too far in one way like it has been in recent years. Many pts are going to rather have this done as it's non-invasive vs a colonoscopy. We may see a dip in GI bx's if this has a high sensitivity because if a pt has a change in bowel habits, rectal bleeding, etc. and Cologuard is negative then there could be a reduced number of endoscopic evaluations performed. Tissue dx will still be the gold standard and it will be an adjunct, not a replacement. Pt's are still going to need their routine colonoscopies and any polyps or suspicious "lesions" will still get biopsied. I'd be curious to know if the GI docs will effectively use it to reduce potential scopes or if they'll ramp up...