Medicine from chemical engineering? Lower GPA?

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Jun 22, 2017
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I just finished my second use of chemical engineering in Canada. My gpa for my first two years was a 3.0. I know this is not acceptable for medicine. If I work my ass off for the next two years I may be able to bring it up. the medical schools I am looking at are in Canada and will usually drop your lowest year out of 4. So if I do well the next 2 years I probably could bring my med application GPA up to a 3.5-3.6. I would also study extremely hard to do well on the mcat.

I am in the engineering co op program so I am getting engineering work experience through out my degree. I have done some volunteering and I will up my volunteering.

Is there a chance I could get into a medical school in Canada? What are your suggestions to help me out.

What kind of volunteering and stuff looks good on an application for medicine? Will they consider that I am in engineering or no?

I really want to go to medical school and I will work my ass off for the next 2 years. I didn't realize how bad I wanted to until now. I would prefer to go to medical school in Canada because I am a citizen

Please let me know your thoughts, if it's possible, and any advice. Thank you