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May 28, 2007
Medical Student
Who is this ass clown?? Some disgruntled homeopath, mad because fighting cancer with berries was pushed aside for radiation and chemotherapy??? Listen, I'm all for differing approaches, but:

1. Medicine sucked for EVERYONE back then. Trying to blame the AMA for putting some sort of regulation on it is just asinine.

2. How, in the face of the millions helped by chemo and radiation, can this guy still claim it's bad and all a ploy by the AMA to make money???

3. He talks about closing down prominent facilities??? Is he talking about Flexner??? Flexner was a bad thing, really???

4. All his other arguments about the AMA pushing drugs and loving cigarettes (I'm sure 100% of homeopaths smoked then too, and just because one of them said it's bad for cancer, but also said it can be cured by a healthy diet ... doesn't make them more correct) is just deflection and rants against modern medicine.

This whole thing feels like a bad ad for ND school or something.

MOST importantly ... he didn't even mention lightning bone setters. :laugh:

(which is what I would have been back then)