Medicine Residency for Foreign International Student


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Sep 27, 2010

    I am studying medicine in a University in Germany, and plan to apply in USA to do Gynaecology.

    I have scrutinized the forums but I could not find direct answers for these questions:

    1. How difficult is it to be accepted for gyn when you are an international student that did not do medicine in USA. Is there some sort of a percentage for that?

    2. Even if I pass the USMLEs and get accepted, do I need to complete a couple of years doing research before I will be eligible to apply in a clinic?

    Thank you.


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    Aug 27, 2008
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      A senior OB oncologist told me recently that OB-GYN is harder to match into than categorical surgery. But again, trends change every year. For FMGs, it is definitely alot harder than FM/IM/Peds/Psych. The flip side being that you may have a shot with lower scores if you're a male. :rolleyes:

      Needless to say, you would need a good amount of US clinical experience (possibly 1 year), great board scores and probably a few publications in order to be competitive.


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        The answer to your first question is (somewhat) on the NRMP website.

        Go to:

        Click on the Data and Reports link.

        Click on the "Results and Data 2010 Main Residency Match" link.

        Go to Table 2.

        You'll see that for OB-GYN, there were 1187 spots of which 1182 filled. Of those 1182, 59 were non-US IMG's. So that's 59/1187 = 5% of spots went to non US IMG's.

        What we'd really want to know is how many non-US IMG's actually applied to OB GYN, and that's not anywhere in the data.

        You can also look at Table 12, which shows the IMG match rate over the last few years. You can see it's dropping.

        You can also look at the "Charting Outcomes in the Match 2009" report on the Data page. Click on the OB GYN tab of the PDF, and you'll see average USMLE scores, etc. They also show how much research people had, getting at your second question.
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