Medschool: State School vs. Case Western

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Apr 27, 2013
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I'm trying to decide on whether to go to a cheaper state school or Case Western for medschool

Here are pros and cons:

State university:

- attendance cost will be $15k + $5/10k living expenses (will live with parents, they will provide food, some financial support)

- I'm not very excited about going here
- match list much weaker than Case
- curriculum sounds less exciting (lots of lecture, no small group based learning)
- more competitive environment (e.g. you're constantly ranked against the rest of the class, which (likely) leads to non-collaboration and envy between students)

Case Western:

- I really liked the school/students; felt would be happy here with the people I've met
- great match list (this is really big for me)
- good step 1 scores
- seems that the environment is more nurturing with their small group, problem based learning, patient focused learning
- can do an additional master's degree
- would be living on my own rather than w/ parents
- pass/fail system that leads to more collaborative feelings among students.

- Would have to borrow about $45k/year

I think the biggest factor is whether a better medical school training is worth the extra $100k and whether the extra debt is likely to have a huge impact on my happiness level in the long run.

I would like to hear from residents/attendings who have had to make similar choices, and whether you thought it was worth going to the more expensive/less expensive school .

Any input much appreciated as I am trying to make up my mind by May 1st. Sorry this is last minute.

If there are other threads that you think might be useful for me, please share!

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May 24, 2011
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You might want to post in the school-specific forum. That's where School A vs School B threads have been going.