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    I posted similar questions under another thread but wanted to re-post with a less-specific title (the questions really go beyond those specific schools).

    I have been accepted to 2 MHC prgrams and need help deciding between the two. One seems to offer more diverse training (CBT, psychodynamic, etc), while it seems that the other focuses primarily on psychodynamic. Could that be problematic? I'm thinking that they must also include some training in other approaches, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Also, I've noticed that some programs require students to do unpaid work in their counseling centers before and in addition to actual internship placements (they call these practicums, which seem to require doing intakes mostly). The one program doesn't do this; they only require the field placements (which are offered as two 3-credit "courses"). Is the lack of extra "practicum" experience detrimental, or is it mostly just a benefit to the schools (having unpaid workers helping out)? In other words, both programs require the field placements, but the one program requires additional on-campus practicum experience.

    I should mention that one of these schools is going to involve a very long daily commute, so if the programs are pretty similar, my decision will be based on that factor.

    Thanks so much for any info!
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    Hard to say. Does either (or both) provide information about where their graduates are now?
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    Though I am trained in a variety of psychodynamic flavors, I think it is also important to receive proper training in CBT...particularly to be in line with much of the (preferred) research coming out now. With insurance companies really pushing for short-term solutions, CBT is becoming one of the most prevalent approaches. Short-term psychodynamic therapy is also very useful to learn.

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