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Aug 14, 2010
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Hey everyone!
New to this forum and figured I'd pick your brain on chances of getting accepted at Michigan, Minnesota, Cornell, UCLA, OSU, Indiana, and Rush /other schools you would recommend...
I graduated with a BBA in Management in 2009, I've been working for the past year as a Welfare Case Manager for a state government dealing primarily with administrating with SNAP, TANF and Medicaid, I am currently working for an insurance company working in policy development. I'm very interested in minority health disparities and its affect on health care management.
Problem is I don't know my chances of getting in to those schools above with the stats I have
GPA: 2.92 (I didn't have a good Freshman year and an average Junior year due to accounting courses and calc, I did well in Stats, Finance and Econ my Senior year)
GMAT score: 570 (I scored horrible on my first exam)
Active campus leader, held 3 leadership roles in college
3 solid recommendations discussing leadership potential (2 employers, 1 professor)
1.5 years of Work Experience
Extensive volunteer experience during college

What are my chances of getting into those schools? What do you think I should focus on in letter of intent? Should I retake the GMAT or take the GRE?
I would greatly appreciate if you all can help me out! Can you guys please help me out here?
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