Jun 11, 2018
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Hi everyone!

Happy social distancing. I hope you're all well.

I'm super bummed about second look cancellations as I was really hoping those would help me in the decision making process. Below is the current headspace I'm in. Please help out if you can!

- Full tuition + grant (100% debt free and the cheapest option) + will have the option of doing dual degree as well as some monthly meetings with deans and upperclassmen
- Weekend flextime quizzing
- I really connected with my interviewers (even the MMI actors lol)
- Lots of opportunities for interdisciplinary research (really important to me)
- My family / home will be 25 minutes away
- As someone unsure of what speciality I'd want to go into, Michigan's 3 year clinical aspect would help a lot with speciality exposure
- High residency ranking + "prestige"
- Great hospital system connected to the medical school

- Really nervous about cutthroat / gunner environment (I really only clicked with 5 other interviewees on interview day)
- Students seemed super stressed with the one year preclinical curriculum (Each one of them probably said, "Med school is hard" at least 2 times...there was not "but ____ makes it worth it.")
- Turned off by the way some professors solely used stats to elevate Michigan ("We're 1 in this, 3 in that, 2 in this...what more can I say?" :dead:)
- Bigger class + interview day lacked student diversity (could just be that day)
- Was warned by other school interviewers about the quality of clinical experience...yes the research is amazing and makes it a top program, but Ann Arbor's patient population isn't that diverse + most orgs committed to "underserved populations" go out to Detroit (a bit of a drive + Wayne has that covered)
- I'm not a big party/football person, so not too sure about the social aspect either

- Was blown away by how well they embodied their mission and emphasized student well-being on interview day
- Down-to-earth, relatable, and friendly students + interviewees + professors...everyone just seemed really content, genuine, and relaxed, so I felt comfortable
- Amazing hospital system, with lots of diversity and opportunities to work with a variety of patients, so potentially a better clinical experience?
- Excellent match list
- Beautiful facilities
- Emphasis on humanistic components of medicine (the student tour guides consistently referred to cadavers as donors...something that I really appreciated + confirmed how well the school instills their mission)
- Small thing but the dean called to distribute acceptances and scholarships, which really personalized the whole experience
- Free Macs + Littmans (lol is bribery working?)

- Despite full-tuition being covered, I'd be taking out 26K of loans to cover everything else
- "Far" from home (about an hour and a half away)
- Rochester seemed a lot more dreary than Ann Arbor
- A "newer" school, so less established and "prestigious" than Umich
- Mandatory lecture attendance to qualify for honors
- Some students seemed frustrated at the fast-paced changes in curriculum etc. year to year ("administration is a bit too receptive to student feedback")
- No chances for away rotations

Basically, I'm just nervous about being in a place where I don't feel supported, where the students are not collaborative/able to just chill out a bit, and the environment is pompous. I don't want med school to be any more stressful than it has to be, and genuinely want to enjoy this process. I'd really appreciate any insight/advice. What would you do in this incredibly fortunate situation?

Thank you!!!


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Mar 17, 2018
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I understand your hesitancies with Michigan, in terms of it being a large school and diversity concerns. I would not be too worried about whether or not you clicked with fellow interviewees. This is largely a matter of chance based on who was interviewing at any given day. It would be well worth your time to reach out to current students to learn more about their experience at Michigan. It’s easy to let a couple of bad interactions cloud your perception of a school, but I feel pretty confident in saying that whatever school you end up at, you will find a group of people you click with and you will feel supported. Michigan definitely will support you.

I think You would be crazy to turn down the deans scholarship at Michigan. Especially given that you’d be taking an additional 100k in loans to attend OUWB over Michigan.
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Jun 28, 2019
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Dude it’s Michigan. It’s cheaper, closer to home, in a better city, and it’s a top 15/20 school. I noticed you put “very impressive match list” for Oakland, but Michigan’s is absolutely elite. Whether you want to go into research, surgery, or primary care, Michigan will set you up miles ahead of Oakland. Take that scholarship, my friend. Take it.
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Feb 13, 2020
You know what’s less stressful? Having to worry less about the match regardless of your stats with a brand name like Michigan.

Also, You’re interested in working with a diverse patient population as a med student? Well, imagine being able to make a difference in a wide array of patient populations that need it most with the pedigree of Michigan attached to your name, opening doors for you.

Seriously, go blue... it’s also cheaper.
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Aug 29, 2019
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As much as it hurts me to say as an Illini basketball and football fan, Go Blue. I understand that it may be stressful but just find yourself a group of friends you can study and hang out with and it will be less stressful. Come time to apply for residency, it will be less stressful to apply as a Michigan student vs applying as an OUWB student. On top of that, it's also cheaper.
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