Midwestern CCP vs. Shenandoah [Help plz]


Sep 28, 2012
  1. Pharmacy Student
    I am aware that there is already a thread out there regarding MWU CCP vs Shenandoah, but that was a really old thread and I had some specific opinions to ask.

    Basically, I would just like to ask you guys which school you'd choose if you were in my situation.

    My fiance is attending medical school 2.5 hours away from Shenandoah U. I have been accepted to both MWU and SU. We are getting married soon before I start school. Just as a side note, we have a strong relationship and I am sure that we can make it through any rocky situation.

    Basically, here's the pros/cons I am faced with for each school:

    -close to spouse! He can do rotations around me.
    -a little cheaper...(I wouldn't say this is a big pro)
    -video teleconferencing 50% of the time, according to the faculty from SU. I really would prefer live lectures with the professors present.
    -not really liking Winchester, VA (too big of a change from sunny and diverse SoCal)
    -small school, not really a big campus feel like MWU

    Midwestern CCP
    -more reputable school
    -no video teleconferencing
    -more social, big campus feel, diverse, better for networking?
    -near Chicago, things to do when people come to visit me
    -better rotation sites
    -Far from spouse! (11 hrs drive, or 1 hour direct flight but direct flights are rare and pricey too)
    -Chicago has bad weather during the winter
    -7am exams! yikes!
    -a bit more expensive

    I would just like simple opinions of what you'd do. Please don't say rude things like, "this isn't a forum for relationship drama...etc...School is hard and making decisions are hard. There are many couples out there that are facing the same dilemma. So, please...nice and productive opinions only. Thank you in advance!!!:love::love::love:
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