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Midwestern MABS, LECOM Erie MMS, or Touro NY MS?



Hi guys! I am deciding between these two programs for a masters.

Touro NY
1 year 42 credits
3.45 Guaranteed admission
students are taking classes that are exactly the same as the 1st year medical school curriculum
masters students graded on a curve which makes it competitive second semester bc exam averages get really high
about 50% matriculate

1 year 38 credits
no curve
similar to first year of medical school
currently online due to COVID
3.3 and 497= interview=basically an acceptance from what I heard
about 50% matriculate

Midwestern MABS:
1 year 45 credits
3.0 and 504 mcat for an interview
I would have to take the mcat after the first year and do the interview the cycle after
nothing is guaranteed
no curve, similar to first year medical school at azcom
they were not clear about matriculation rates...but i have heard only good things about this program and DO school. on the phone they said students are really successful :)

My stats:
3.0 SGPA 3.25 CGPA 497 mcat


hi @Hazle definitely i would jump at linkage
i was mostly posting to know if anyone has heard about midwestern bc I got in the masters and the school seems really great and supportive just wanted some feedback about it.. i love the school but the linkage isnt great but maybe it will end up being better cuz this is where i wanna go
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Nov 18, 2017
On The Move
  1. Medical Student
My brother attempted a masters at midwestern and didn't do so hot. But this is n=1, so take it with a grain of salt. Might not be the same case for you
But it was for that reason, as well as the nature of having a linkage agreement, that I recommended the other two schools.
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