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Just some guy
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Nov 11, 2005
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Greetings All,

Though I have reviewed the posts of this forum for about a year now, this is my first post. Unfortunately, it's a nervous one! :( .

I have put in a number of applications to both MD and DO schools, though I very much prefer the osteopathic medical philosophy. I'm just wondering what my chances are with the following stats:

-3.3 cumulative GPA/3.0 Science GPA (biochemistry/molecular biology major combo at a top tier liberal arts school
-26 MCAT (10V, 9PS, 7BS)
-EMT-B for 4 years
-ER/radiological assistant & transporter
-200+ various volunteer hours in my community/at school
-Drug development and research at Walter Reed Army Inst. Research
-Near fluency in German
-Commissioned as an Army Medical Corps officer in May
My two main desires for DO schools are PCOM and UMDNJ-SOM (I am a NJ resident).
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