Mar 22, 2010
Medical Student

Im currently in my 3rd year doing rotation in a foreign medical school. Im preparing to do my step1. And Ive always wanted to join the army after or while I'm doing my residency. I've always wanted to do it, not for any financial reasons. I dont have any student loans or anything and Im not looking for any assistance. Anyways, now Im no longer single and my fiancee is 1 year behind me.

If I were to join while or after doing my residency, I understand that I'd be moving around a lot. Would the army be inclined to also employ my spouse (by that time)?

I would really hate to be traveling every few months and shes somewhere else practicing. Which is why I am also considering/ comparing signing with the Army National Guard so that atleast I'd be stable and could also have freedom to do what a I want and serve my country.

Oh and would the fact that she's Canadian have any effect on me/her as in military wise.