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Military Scholarships for Podiatry

This is a solid question to bring up. My best friend who is in pharmacy school asked the same thing about pharmacy, and the Army recruiter's reply was that they were working on it. My guess would be like most things in the military or any bureaucracy is that they will wait until their stock of pharmacists or podiatrists is severly diminished, or the need becomes supercritical before they do anything to solve it.

This reminds of the long tossed around argument about the M16A2, and that many soldiers have found the weapon substandard for years and have always wanted the service to get rid of it for something better. Being the standard rifle, the military has a serious contract with Colt or whoever makes them now, I am not sure when that will change.

At any rate, the military moves slowly on things and can really frustrate the process. In my humble opinion, with the defense budget as high as it is, if the military doesn't have a podiatry or pharmacy scholarship who does? But they should no less considering the potential dangers that soldiering poses to one's feet. I can attest to that from my Ft. Sill days.
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