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Dec 18, 2005
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This looks like some Methodist and “nondenominational” attempt to replicate the formal process of the Catholics, and the Episcopalian/Anglican/Eastern orthodoxies/“oriental orthodoxies” (their term, not mine) replications. I would be VERY reluctant to work with any organization that told me what tests to give and gave me guidelines in how to interpret the tests I gave. That’s being a technician, not a professional.

the Catholic process is highly in depth. It’s almost like they have nearly unlimited resources, centralized data collection spanning a few thousand years, and their own series of educational institutions including medical schools. Into this system , they can funnel their cadre of highly literate, sexually frustrated men that combine being a willingness to do whatever is asked with a need for distraction from vice.

Volume is low. Pay is okay. The super duper duper bonus in this work is that it is literally neigh impossible to get sued or get a board complaint in this line of work. Why? Separation of church and state. My understanding is that governmental organizations refuse to touch anything related to this.

For priest, monk, and nuns the basic things they are looking for is schizo variants, ASD, psychosis, ASPD, borderline, OCD variants including whatever that religious variant is called, sexual predatory stuff, geschwind personality types, and the ability to get along with others while following rules. There is apparently a difference between hearing god speak through you, and hearing god talk to you. And there is a difference between eschewing the pleasures of life, with not being able to handle modern life. Finally, in communal settings there is a level of pettiness like you’ve never seen. If you can ever get a ex-Trappist to talk to you, ask about how they mess with each other if they dislike someone. It’s hilarious.

Oh, heads up. The Russian orthodoxy doesn’t have seating. Wear comfortable shoes.
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Nov 22, 2013
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For the curious...

I had an initial interview Monday and another one coming up in a few weeks. PsyDr's comment about volume and pay seem accurate. They estimated 5-10 cases/year and offered ~$125/hr. However, there is a significant backlog in my area and the church is particularly interested in bilingual psychologists. I was expecting a higher pay rate and I think they accurately perceived my facial reaction; they said they are open to negotiating and to bring my desired rate to the next interview. $125/hr is well below my cash rate and a bit below insurance rates for 96130, but it's in line with with reimbursements for 90834.

Work involves interviewing and testing the candidate, reviewing and interpreting scores, preparing full report and summaries for board and candidate, feedback session to board and candidate. I am bilingual, but not part of this specific, nor broader, religious tradition. I was recommended by a close family friend of my in-laws. I'm moderately interested, will be more interested if they can pay a bit more. There is also an annual MAS conference, who knew?!?


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Jan 7, 2010
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Is it a flat rate of $125/hour (or whatever you end up negotiating) for all services provided? That could be low for 96130, but if you're also getting $125/hour for test administration and scoring (and all the units of 96131), it may not be too bad.
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