Minnesota Epi vs. Emory EOH vs. USC (CA)

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Mar 5, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm headed to Emory, where I was accepted to my second choice program (EOH), later this week. I've never been to Atlanta, so I don't know much about the city, but am excited to see the university and learn more about the program. While I like what I've read about EOH at Emory, I found that when I looked at electives, I was drawn to the epi/infectious disease electives more than the EOH ones. I don't know if, as an EOH student, I could take such classes, even with them being electives. Additionally, I don't know if I would be as competitive for PhD Epi programs with a non-epi degree (though EOH does require 1-2 semesters each of epi methods and biostats, plus environmental epi, etc). I do like the idea of understanding and researching the relationship between infectious disease environmental/occupational health, however.

I'm a 1st year Epi MPH student and let me reflect a little on your concern. First off the EOH program is great and you would not be disappointed with it. Secondly you are allowed, if not encouraged, to take Epi courses in conjunction with your EOH requirements. Lastly we have an EPI-EOH dual major program you may be eligible for. I didn't apply to it and I'm not sure what sort of processes are required post-hoc but it's something to consider (as well as possibly just transfering into Epi).

Also I know that starting tonight through Friday is visit Emory. If you have any questions you can shoot me a PM on here and I'll respond. Additionally I'll be sitting in the student government office of the SPH building most of the time this week if you happen to wander by...



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Mar 13, 2009
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I haven't heard from UCLA yet, which is my top choice. I'm currently living in southern California, did my undergrad out there (but not at UCLA/USC), and am not necessarily that thrilled at the prospect of leaving. If I don't get into UCLA, I'm contemplating applying to USC (late deadline). Would I be shooting myself in the foot if I ended up at USC studying epi? By that I mean, would I be putting myself at a significant disadvantage when it comes time to apply to PhD programs? Especially given that I've been accepted to two well-regarded MPH schools?

You can go to any school for your MPH and still be considered strongly for a PhD if you've given a clear statement of purposes and research interests that match up well with the faculty at the school you're applying to. It helps if you've gone to a good school because it helps you find what you're interested in and presents more opportunity, but it won't be a deal breaker if you go to a program like USC's.

Also, at BU, you can double major pretty easily. I was a epi/eh dual-major.