Minnesota limited dental license for international dentists

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Apr 28, 2005
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Hello fellow dentists,

I am an international dentist, just passed my INBDE, currently living in Texas
I heard that Minnesota state dental board offers 3 years of limited dental license for international dentists. Basically you work as a dentist but under the supervision of another dentist for 3 yrs then you have the potential to apply for an american dental license and it is up to the Minnesota dental board to grant or reject you that license ( however, if granted this license you can only practice with it in Minnesota).
My question is, I have heard from couple of people that it is extremely difficult for any international dentist to be granted the american dental license, even if they have finished working with the "3 yrs limited dental license" and it is very rare for the board to grant that license. If anyone has experience or knowledge of that ie. is it easy or near impossible to get a dental license through that rout, please help me out....
Thank you so much in advance
Best wishes to you all

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I would try it, as you would get experience. The issue is that my friends who went that route, no one has gotten a full license after the 3 years. They are defaulted back to going to advanced standing or restarting.