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Minor Won't Show

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by rxfudd, May 21, 2001.

  1. rxfudd

    rxfudd 1K Member

    Feb 13, 2001
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    Attending Physician
    I cannot get my minor to show up on the print page- I have tried everything, including completely eliminating the school data and starting from scratch, to no avail.

    Has anyone been able to successfully get a minor to show itself?
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  3. gower

    gower 1K Member

    Oct 14, 2000
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    I take what you wrote to mean that it doesn't appear under a category termed "minor." I wouldn't waste any more time worrying about that. That it was an offical minor is really irrelevant. Looking at your transcript, anyone familiar with college records, as the med schools are, will recognize what you "minored" in without the designation. And even if they don't, so what?

    What is important are your grades in what you took. Stop wasting time!

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