Jul 28, 2004
Anyone hear of minorities having an advantage in competing for residency position? I know there's been documented proof when it comes to med admissions i.e. Michigan State, but I'm wondering if it has any bearing at all at the higher level, be it in federal hiring practices, racial quotas...etc

Before anyone lights up the flamethrower :scared:, I do acknowledge that any minority advantage (if it does exist at residency level) probably plays an extremely minor role in comparison to gpa, clinicals, AOA and that it is highly doubtful that there is any conspiracy by minority students to monopolize the medical field...


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Nov 21, 2004
You may want to search the General Residency Issues forum. Put in the word "minority" and see what pops up.


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Nov 19, 2004
The minority resident I work with has a MD/PhD from an Ivy League school. So I'd say that yes, having an MD/PhD from an Ivy league school none the less, was DEFINITELY an advantage for her landing a residency position.
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Jan 1, 2005
Actually in Iserson's book there is a section on minority applicants and it actually says that they may be at a disadvantage if a) a program sorts and seletcs by Board scores ( i'm just quoting- don't go there) and b) if a program doesn't want to look like they have too many minorities in their program. i thought that was interesting and am not sure what it all means but since medical education is so standardized there probably isn't any racial preference.


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Jul 21, 2003
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This idea is purely a guess, but given that URM's have an advantage getting into medical school on the presumption that they will serve in underserved areas, I'd think0 that residencies in such areas might give URM's a boost.

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